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Full Version: New release v9.4.1.5 fixing various small bugs
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Version v9.4.1.5 fixes various minor bugs. There has been little new features in the last releases because I'm completely reviewing the QAP code to be ready for the next version of the AHK language (used to develop QAP).  This rewrite of the code using object-oriented programming techniques will also make the code more efficient and easier to maintain. And, as I am reviewing old portions of code, I find little bugs that have never been reported before. This release fixes them as well as other bugs reported recently by QAP users (thanks to them!).

Version: (2019-02-27)
- fix bug when filtering apps in List Applications window and in Current Windows menu when running with a language other than English
- update dropdown menu labels in "List Applications" window (dropdown menu not localized at this time)
- when copying a favorite, keep the original favorite in the item position dropdown list
- make sure the default theme Windows is selected when the value is empty in ini file
- fix link to website in "Check for update" dialog box
- fix bug when searching for "Live" folders type in Settings Extended Search
- fix bug when checking if a favorite app is already running to activate it instead of launching it
- exclude some "ghost" Windows Apps from Current Windows menu (aka Switch menu)

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