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Full Version: Wrong accentuated characters in Customize window menus
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This question was asked by Nelson on the web site's Translation page. I copy it here and will reply in a moment.

Hi Jean,
I am using the latest version of QAP.
I always keep updated.
In some sub-menu items - in the main menu, there are wrong accented words. Probably due to a code problem (ANSI / UNICODE / UTF, etc.).
How can I correct, if it is possible?
I am sending an example.
Thank you.

[Image: eqrl0FF.png]
Hi Nelson,

I confirm that there has been issues with the encoding of PT-BR files. This is not only in the Customize window menu. This will need to be reviewed line by line because not all lines were affected.

I'll investigate a little more and follow-up here.

Hi again,

I reviewed this and found that only a given number of translation batches (about 40 text pieces) were impacted. I re-imported them with the correct encoding and the fix will become available in the next QAP release.

Thanks for reporting this, Nelson.