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Full Version: Option to hide file extensions in Live folders
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Suggestion fromĀ jhalter.

Additional suggestion from Laurent:
"I would personnally suggest is to follow, in QAP, rules as they are applied in Windows Explorer.
Thanks to these rules
- some extension are never displayed (based on NeverShowExt key in registry), which is in particular the case for .lnk
- and other extensions can be hidden or displayed, based on user choice, thanks to Explorer option "Masquer les extensions dont le type est connu" (sorry, I don't know the exact wording in english)"
This option has been added to v10. I forgot Laurent's suggestion about registry keys. In the next release, the Live Folder options will be defaulted to user's preference based on the key HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced\HideFileExt. I'm keeping this item "in progress".
Default values based on Windows user preferences added to v10.1.1.