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Full Version: New release v10.3.2 - Import/Export bug fixes
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This release fixes a bug when importing or exporting favorites, occurring if the "[Favorites]" section of your QAP ini file is larger that 65,532 characters.

Upgrading to this release is recommended before doing copying favorites with the "Import/Export Favorites" command.

And, again, Merry Christmas and Happy New Decade 2020 !

Version: 10.3.2 (2019-12-31)

- when importing or exporting favorites with the "Import/Export Settings" command, fix bug when the "[Favorites]" section is larger than 65,532 characters (QAP now imports or exports favorites line by line instead of copying the section as a whole because of size limit)
- display a progress popup text when importing or exporting favorites
- when saving favorites, stop doing an internal backup of the "[Favorites]" section of the ini file as "[Favorites-backup]" when its size is larger than 65,532 characters (this backup section is unused and is copied only for debugging)
You can download the new release on Quick Access Popup home page:

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