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Full Version: Add more main menu click modifiers for Alternative menu features
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At this time, only two keys can be used to alter the behavior of the main menu "click": Shift and Control. Alt And Win close the menu before you can click in it. So I have only these three combination available.

Shift + Click: Open in new window.
Control + Click: Copy a Favorite's Path or URL.
Shift + Control + Click: Edit a Favorite.

I choose these features because they are probably the most used Alternative menu features. What could be done is:

- check if other modifiers can be used or if Right/Left-Shift and Right/Left-Control could be distinguished. If yes, we have much more possibilities.
- make the three combination configurable in Options.
Preview of the new Alternative Menu Hotkeys tab in "Options". To be releases soon.

[Image: deKg48q.png]
Added to QAP v10.3.