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Full Version: New QAP Feature "Add Multiple Favorites"
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(renamed from was: "Add Current Folders to a submenu or group")

Similar to the feature in Folders Popup (ancestor of QAP). Suggestion from Marcin.
[Image: img_5b607cbfd6de5.png]

This approach could be used to add the selected items from the current folders list to a regular sub menu or shared menu.
This is work in progress in a larger scope that this initial suggestion (renamed from: Add Current Folders to a submenu or group).

Summary of the new QAP Feature "Add Multiple Favorites". This will allow user to add multiple favorite to a selected menu (or shared menu or group) in one step. Favorites will be added from various sources:

- windows currently open (to add applications or folder)
- the QAP database to add frequently used folders or files
- the QAP database to add recently used folders or files
- list of QAP Features
- list of Windows Special Folders
- a folder (to add document or folders)
- a QAP settings ini file to import menus or parts of menus
- a QAP settings ini file to import items

If you have any suggestion, please drop it here.
This will be available in the next major release.
This is now available in v11.0 except adding favorites from a QAP settings ini file to import *menus* or parts of menus which will require more work.

I'll create a new item for this todo.