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Full Version: New release v10.2 - new features
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This release includes new features, improvements and bug fixes.

Version: 10.2 (2019-10-27)
Add/Edit Favorite
- in "Basic Settings" tab, add the option "Hide this favorite" to hide a favorite from menu but keep its shortcut/hotstring active
- in "Menu Options" tab, add links to select icons from Window files Shell32.dll and ImageRes.dll
- two new placeholders that can be used in Snippets or favorites file paths
  - {Input:prompt} asking user an input when the favorite is launched 
  - {Now:format} with format based on AHK date-time formats
- when using QAPmessenger to open the QAP menu with parameters ShowMenuLaunch or ShowMenuNavigate, support a 2nd parameter (between double-quotes) to indicate what menu to show ("Main" menu by default)
- in "Popup Menu" tab, replace the simple mouse trigger exclusion list with an option to make this list a "blacklist" (as actual, default value) or a "whitelist" (block the mouse trigger in all applications windows except those in the list)
- in "Menu Appearance" tab, add distinct options for hotstrings reminders (do not display, display abbreviated or complete), and options to display shortcut and hotstrings reminders distinctly on the left side (between parenthesis after the name) or to align them to the right side of the menu
Bug fixes
- fix bug in "Add Active Folder or Web page" command making adding web pages more reliable
- fix bug when calling a submenu by its hotkey and when the menu name starts with "Main" (or its translation in other languages)

You can download the new release on Quick Access Popup home page:

Please report bugs or send questions/comments in the QAP Support section.