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Full Version: Submenu naming conflict ( bug )
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Hi Jean,
  • QAP version 9.5.3
  • version portable
  • file manager : QAP Connect > FreeCommander XE
  • Windows 10
Summary: invoking a submenu with shortcuts returns an error when submenu label starts with 'Main' (e.g. 'Mainframe')

How to reproduce?
  • QAP > Settings
  • click on right button 'Add' to add an item
  • select 'Submenu' as option to add
  • click on button 'Continue' to validate the choice
  • box 'Short Name' : type 'Mainframe' as label for new submenu
  • click on tab 'Menu Options' to change tab
  • right to box 'Shortcut', click on button 'Change' to open popup
  • assign any unused shortcut to the item
  • click on button 'OK' to assign the shortcut
  • click on button 'Add' to add item to the menu on top of the list
    note: item position in menu is not important, and top position will facilitate next steps
  • click on button 'Save & Close' to record changes
  • call QAP item using the assigned shortcut
  • >>
    - on one Win10 machine, nothing happens i.e. menu is not displayed, as expected = not ok
    - on another Win10 machine, error message stating 'Menu does not exists' = not ok

My feeling is that a submenu label starting with 'Main'(something) does make an internal conflict with the 'Main' root folder label

Thanks for your attention.
Good catch. I can reproduce it. I'll work on it.

Thanks for reporting this, Eric.
This has been fixed in v10.2. Thanks again for reporting it.