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Full Version: List of exclusion for Frequent Folders/Files and Recent Folders/File dynamic menus
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Suggestion from rockmaster.

Exclude certain files or folders from being included in Frequent Folders/Files dynamic menus.

"For example, for Frequent Folder exclusions, exclude all files in the folder "C:\users\rock\" and its subfolders. In other words, never allow those folders to show up in the dynamically generated list of folders. For Frequent Files, exclude all files with a .jpg extension, or exclude all files with "fish" in the name, or exclude all files in the folder "C:\users\rock\" and its subfolders. Perhaps this could use regular expressions, or simply wildcards."

The suggestion was about Frequent Folders/Files but I think it should also apply to Recent Folders/File dynamic menus.

This will be a new text box similar to exclusion list for mouse trigger ("Options", "Popup Menu" tab) under the "Menu Advanced Options" tab.
Thanks, Jean! I agree, it should also apply to Recent.

+1 from zvi_t.
+1 from kunkel321
This feature can now be tested in the beta release v11. available here:
This was added to v11.1.