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Full Version: Release v9.9.2.18 - Final beta release?
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I forgot one of the options requested for the Live Folders. As I was adding it, I took the opportunity to add the options discussed earlier with Horst about the menu bar in the System menu.

This should, again, be the last beta release. I'll wait a few days for your final feedback and last pieces of translation before launching the first v10 public release.

Based on your experience with this beta release, is there anything you found that should be fixed before I release v10 for all users? Please comment here.

Version BETA: (2019-09-24)

- add option to select where to display the QAP menu (File, Favorite, etc.): in Customize menu bar, in QAP System menu or in both locations
- add option to display or not file extensions in Live folders
- solve issues where document names without extension could be duplicate of folders or other files

Reminders for new beta testers:

NOTE: The donation approach has been changed in v10. The donor code (that was the same for all users) has been replaced with a personalized sponsor code that must match the user name displayed in the sponsor message at the bottom of the Settings window. I had to do this because of unfair users who shared the unique code on various forums. Please contact me by email and I'll send you your updated code.

Download installation file: