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Full Version: Possible to refresh shared menus regularly?
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We are 15 persons using a shared menu at a shared disk, and we update the ini-file with the shared menu occasionally. I have not found a way to automatically refresh the share menu on the computers except for killing QAP and restart it again. It's working but it is not the best solution. Is there a better solution for this I have missed?

There is an option in the settings called "Enable scheduled QAP menu refresh" but it is not working for Our shared menu.

I have also tried to refresh the menu manually, but for som reason the "Refresh live folders and shared menus" alternativ in the menu is not refreshing our shared menu. The "Restart Quick Access Popup" works.

We are using portable QAP v9.4.1.5 and Windows 10.
Hi oivindhr,

How is the shared menu file updated? Using QAP or from an external source? In the latter case, make sure you update the LastModified=20190902103859 value in the [Global] section of the Shared menu ini file.

As you know, the menu is refreshed on these 3 events:
- automatic refresh every n seconds (see Options, Menu tab)
- on demand with the "Refresh live folders and shared menus"
- when you open the shared menu in the Settings window

These 3 ways worked in my tests using v9.5.3 and I don't think there has been any change since the version you are using.

Hi Jean,

Thank you for fast reply! I see that I've just forgot to change the LastModified parameter when I've done the testing. I'm generating the ini-file with a Python script and LastModified is updated when the ini-file is generated, but when I tested the refresh function I just made manual changes to the ini-file without updating LastModified.