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Full Version: Release v9.9.2.15 - Bug fixes and rename Settings to Customize
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This release introduces the new name for Customize window (with a "z" - Should I eventually add an "Non-US English" language with "Customise" and other adjustments?) and fixes some bugs.

Version BETA: (2019-08-29)

- rename the "Settings" window (and related menus, help and error messages language) to "Customize" (English and French only in this release) and change its default shortcut to Shift+Control+C
- change default keyboard shortcut for "Reopen Current Folder in Dialog Box" from Ctrl+Shift+C to Crtl+Shift+U (only for new installations)
- fix bug updating the left (back) arrow when opening a menu from the search result
- swap Move and Copy menu items in menu bar for consistency with buttons in Settings window
- reload menu in Customize window after Refresh a Shared menu

Reminders for new beta testers:

NOTE: The donation approach has been changed in v10. The donor code (that was the same for all users) has been replaced with a personalized sponsor code that must match the user name displayed in the sponsor message at the bottom of the Settings window. I had to do this because of unfair users who shared the unique code on various forums. Please contact me by email and I'll send you your updated code.

NOTE for Spanish users: Spanish text files has not been translated yet.

Download installation file: