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Full Version: [SOLVED] How to open via "Edit with" (Run Edit)
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I set vscode in the registry to be the ahk editor, so when I right-click an ahk file and choose "edit," it opens in vscode.
I want a QAP item that, when clicked, will open an ahk in vscode.
I tried adding the ahk file as an application, with the vscode path as the "open in" (in advanced mode), but that doesn't work.
In Application favorite, the "Start In" parameter sets the default folder for the application, not the file to open. What you want is to set the file name in the "Parameters" field. This would do as if you would launch VS Code from the command line like this (I don't know the syntax for VSCode command line parameters but I guess this example should work):

C:\>vscode parameter.ahk
Thanks, that worked!