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Full Version: [TOOLS-WIN] Jitbit Macrorecorder
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I'm using QAP with DOPUS.  I'm also a Jitbit Macrorecorder user. This mainly because AutoHotkey didn't work out for me.  Macrorecorder is not free, but it's good.  Since it can compile macros to .exe files, these macros are executable via QAP menu.  I saw a posting in this forum about pasting a file to an active folder, will look into it, but I'm almost certain this could be done via Macrorecorder, first fetching the name of the active window, and launching a ctrl+v keystroke.
Welcome to the forum jr_gn. Thanks for the info about Macrorecorder. I'll take a look at it.

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(2022-05-25 00:12)jr_gn Wrote: [ -> ]Some time ago I moved from Autohotkey to Macrorecorder (non free version). One way or another AHK never worked out for me, but Macrorecorder did.  Since Macrorecorder allows macros to be compiled to exe files, these are available as QAP shortcuts (maybe there are other ways to trigger the macros, but at least the exes work out fine).   In short: combining a set of macros with QAP is very very powerful.  I saw a post about pasting in to a live folder, will look into it, but no doubt it can be done by a macro first fetching the active window and then launching the ctrl-v keystroke.