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Full Version: Have certain submenus appear to the left of main menu?
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Hi Jean,
I don't think AHK supports this, but I thought I'd check...   It would be nice if I could have certain (but not all/global) Live Folders pop up on the left by default.  For example, with the image, my Autohotkey Live Folder is on the left of the QAP main menu.  When it pops up, by default, it covers the right half of the main menu (top of screenshot).  It would be better if it popped up on the left, so as not to cover the main menu (like the bottom of screenshot.)  


[Image: 1SNHxfc.jpg]
Hi Steve,

Windows decides on which side to open the submenu depending on the space available on each side of the main menu. If there is enough space on the right side, it is displayed this side* and if not, it is open on the left side. QAP or AHK can't change this unfortunately.

*Maybe the "preferred" side can be changed in Windows configuration (in "Ease of Access"?). You may want to check it.