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Full Version: strange caracters in QAP
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I got strange caracters in QAP. I posted an attachement to this post


How can I fix that please ?

Thanks in advance

Bonjour Serge,

I can't reproduce this issue. Both with the 32-bit and 64-bit version, the accentuated characters display OK on my system.

This seems to be an encoding issue but I could not explain why it occurs on your system. This has never been reported before...

Sorry if I can't help you more.

I found the reason :

I activated a beta option for win 10, with utf 8 encoding:

deactivating this option made everything alright
This option also produces strange errors in many other applications.
I even had one which didn't no longer start.
Interesting. I did not know this option. Thanks for the info and the follow-up.