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Full Version: QAP parameters folder and user variables
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I use QAP on several PC's

Unfortunately, one of then has it's user folder labeled :
  • C:\Users\S
The others are labeled
  • C:\Users\SE

Which makes OneDrive Path have 2 versions
  • C:\Users\S\OneDrive
  • C:\Users\SE\OneDrive
I store QAP on onedrive, thus

In order to have QAP synced on all PCS I have put these 2 user variables :

I hoped it worked, but on the PC with SE as user folder name, QAP wants to create "C:\Users\S\OneDrive"

How can I put these 2 variants of onedrive in user parameters to have the same files on all my computers pleaseĀ ?
May be you can use one of the system environment variables of OneDrive.
For me they are defined as follows:


Logged on the variables will always point to the correct path.

It is not recommended to have QAP running on two PC with the same settings files on a shared folder. In your case, your two PCs are writing the user variables in the same file, the last change overwriting the previous one. It is a better option to use a Shared menu of type Personal.

Please read: