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Full Version: Error - Add file to QAP
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QAP 11.5.5
Win 10
Portable version of QAP.


Receiving this error when in Windows Explorer, right click on file to Add File to QAP selection.

What do I need to do?

Thanks in advance,
This happens when you try to add a favorite from the context menu and either QAP is not running or QAPmessenger (the program called by the context menu) cannot find QAP.

First, make sure QAP is running.

If it is, there may be an issue with your context menus. Because you use the portable, you need to do this manually. Try uninstall your context menus and reinstall them (see "Setting up Context menus manually (for portable installation users)" in
QAP is running.
Ran the batch file to uninstall/reinstall context menu and I'm still receiving the error.
I've never had to run that batch file that I can recall and have been using QAP-portable for many years without any issues with this action.

Removing and reinstalling them should fix the issue. Can't tell why it did not.

Did you install QAP with the "Easy Setup" installer in the past? The context menu were probably installed at that time. And these would work only if you were using the Setup installation.

Do you really need to use the portable installation?

If you decide to switch to the Setup installation, you can import your previous favorites using the "Favorites, Add Multiple Favorites, QAP Settings (tree view)" command.
Thank you.
I switched over to using easy setup and will try to change my habit of using the portable version. This did seem to eliminate the issue.

Thanks for the follow up :-)