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Full Version: New release v11.5.6 - Now placeholders date calculation & last day of month, and more
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Version: 11.5.6 (2022-03-14)

Date-time placeholders
- in placeholders support new format {Now:ld} for last day of the month
- support date calculation with syntax {Now[sign][value pairs]:[format]}, where:
  - [sign] is "+" or "-"
  - [valu pairs] is one or more pairs of a number and a unit identified by one of the letters "smhdMy" (case sensitive) for seconds, minutes, hours, days, months or years
  - for example "{Now+1d:yyyy-MM-dd}" for tomorrow,  "{Now-1y6M:yyyy-MM-dd}" for a date 1.5 year ago or "{Now+3h30m:HH:mm}" for in 1.5 hour from now
  - see:

Bug fix
- fix bug in open group with group in menu option if launch width property is "0" instead of empty (very, very rare situation)
- fix bug in url having arguments


You can download the new release here:

Please report bugs or send questions/comments in the QAP Support section.