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Full Version: [TOOLS] Robocopy (the good and old one)
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This is a short one....

Back in the good (?), old days, robocopy.exe was part of the Windows Resource Kit.
So, you kind of had to install the resource kit to get robocopy on your system, or copy it from a system with WRK installed.

But, at some point in time (was it from Win7, 8, 10? ..dunno), Microsoft included robocopy as part of the OS.

This is a command line tool, and it is rock solid.
At my place of work, one of the management dudes just used it to migrate a pretty huge git installation (100 000's of files) from a Windows file system (NTFS) to Linux.

Open a command line window, and type "robocopy" without the quotes.

I use it with QAP favorites to, among other things, update my PowerShell profile/scripts across several machines.
I also use it to update QAP itself.
(I use QAP portable, and triggers robocopy with a batch file so that I can exit QAP before the update).

The Robocopy Command Line
Robocopy has a pretty extensive command line, and it may seem a little bit complicated.

But, of course, someone made a simple GUI to create the command line.

"Easy Robocopy".

The GUI can be installed, or used as a portable tool.

Extracting Easy Robocopy to get it portable is kind of pain in the a.....

Easy Robocopy download at Tribblesoft

How to extract it to portable, see description:
Easy Robocopy at Portable Freeware