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Full Version: [TOOLS] SIM Dashboard (Android), tool pad companion to QAP
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Not a tool tip in the usual sense, but hopefully useful for some.

To use SIM Dashboard as shown here you have to do an in-app purchase on your Android phone.
The free version only allows three buttons (widgets), but that is enough to test it.
Further, I have no affiliation with the maker of SIM Dashboard. I don't know them.

There is a huge amount of physical, programmable keypads out there.
Also, a lot of the more expensive keyboards have programmable macro keys.

But, I don't want to use them. Extra keypads clutter my workspace even more, and I can never ever remember what I assign to macro keys that is marked G1, G2 etc (Logitech). And, my life's "remote control", aka my phone is always close.

Enter SIM Dashboard.

SIM Dashboard (SIM for short)
SIM is primarily focused on gaming. It supports a large number of racing/driving simulators, and you can use it as a dashboard (it transfers telemetry from games), and as a "button box".

I've been using SIM for a long time with Assetto Corsa Competizione and a couple of other games.

But SIM also have a generic mode where you can assign buttons to Windows key combos.

SIM consists of two parts.
An Android app, and a very lightweight "server" module on your PC.

The Windows module requires admin elevation during install, and after the installation it pushes hard that you should run it in admin context (due to compatibility issues).
But, that is not necessary. I run it in user context on both my gaming PC, and my primary workstation with zero problems.

Attached is a screenshot from my phone of a QAP button box (work in progress) set up to trigger hotkeys in QAP.

Interesting. Is is done using the new LaunchFavorite QAP messenger command? Is is sending the command to a remote PC? Via WiFi?


Nope, not LaunchFavorite as such.

SIM just sends a key combo (or plain text if you want) to the PC just as if you typed it.
So, you can basically use it for anything on the PC.

My problem is that if I assign 10-15-20 hotkeys to different favorites in QAP, I can never remember what is what.
(Apart from 4 or 5 that is now part of my muscle memory).

So, I either use my floating toolbar app (primarily on Core) with LaunchFavorite.
Or, with SIM I set some hotkeys to QAP favorites (and forget them instantly), the label on the SIM button tells me what I need to know.

SIM talks with the server on WiFi (lock the IP address on both phone and PC), or via USB.