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Full Version: LaunchFavorite, CUR_LOC not working?
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When using QAPmessenger LaunchFavorite to trigger a favorite that uses the placeholder {CUR_LOC}, it seems that placeholder is considered empty?
(Tested with Directory Opus as file manager).

I'm not quite sure what happens, if anyone else could confirm this (or the opposite) it would be very much appreciated.


PS! LaunchFavorite does not like double quotes in favorite names, so stay away from those!  Smile
Hi Joe,

I can confirm it does not in my tests. This is not an easy one... How do you call QAPmessenger? From the command line? What current location do you expect to be detected by QAP?

Hi, and thanks for the reply!

I tried calling QAPmessenger directly from the command line (cmd), and from a tiny "floating toolbar" app that I use.
The expected location is the active pane/tab in DOpus.

The favorite works when triggered from QAP itself, so I'm a little bit confused.
(ie, is it a bug/error in QAPmessenger, or something peculiar with my setup/config/PC).

No. It is not something wrong with your setup. And I would not call it a bug. It is just that QAP does not detect the current location in you file manager when it is called from CMD (or another window/toolbar).

Detecting it can be a bit challenging but should be possible. I'll investigate this.
Thank you Jean for looking into this!

Don't bother on my part if it is to complicated and time consuming, I'll find a workaround.
I would guess that there are probably not that many of us who want to use QAP/QAPmessenger like this.

I took a note and will investigate to see if it can be done easily. I agree that it is quite a "niche" issue.
When launching a favorite from QAPmessenger, QAP now detects the last active file manager window and use its location to expand the "current location" placeholders (e.g. {CUR_LOC}).

See the latest beta release:
This addition is now available in the latest QAP release v11.5.7:
Thank You Jean!

Very much appreciated.