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Full Version: Bug fix and small changes release v9.9.2.9
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This release is distributed with the most recent version of AutoHotkey runtime which seems to be pretty stable. This should have no effect on QAP execution.

Version BETA: (2019-07-29)

- after saving a new or edited favorite, change menu in Settings window to the the favorite's destination menu
- in quickaccesspopup.ini, rename values "Donor" to "DonorCode" and "Sponsor" to "SponsorName"; convert existing values to new names
- fix bug not remembering options when editing snippet favorites
- additional info about firewall when displaying the error message when checking for update
- upgraded the AutoHotkey runtime to v1.1.30.03 (dated April 4, 2019)

Known issues
- (none)

Reminders for new beta testers:

NOTE: The donation approach has been changed in v10. The donor code (that was the same for all users) has been replaced with a personalized sponsor code that must match the user name displayed in the sponsor message at the bottom of the Settings window. I had to do this because of unfair users who shared the unique code on various forums. Please contact me by email and I'll send you your updated code.

NOTE for non-English or French users: text files has not been translated yet. I'll wait for your feedback before sending the files to translators. In the mean time, some text may be outdated in non-English languages. 

Download installation file:

Fallback release (in case something went wrong in the latest release)
I'm using v9.9.2.9 beta (64-bits) portable.

This version addresses the minor issue I reported with v9.9.2. The new INI values (DonorCode and SponsorName) are more descriptive and they now appear in the INI file in an order that matches the Enter your donor code dialog box.

Thanks, Jean.