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Full Version: Allow to edit QAP features name in menus
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Suggestion posted on the beta users forum, copied here:

jims Wrote:This may not be the appropriate location in the forum to submit this feedback, but since there has been a recent change to the way QAP processes the ampersands in menu name, I thought it might be helpful to include it here...

I use the QAP Feature (Favorite Type) extensively. Clearly this menu item type can add a lot of capability to a QAP menu. I find one downside however: there does not seem to be a way to specify an accelerator key using a preceding underscore. For example, one might want to configure a QAP menu to include the following four menu items:

  In QAP Settings (shortcut name for menu) :: Rendered QAP Menu
  &f Frequent File  ::  f Frequent File
  &r Recent File  ::  r Recent File
  &g Frequent Folder  ::  g Frequent Folder
  &s Recent Folder  :: s Recent Folder

QAP Features names have not been modifiable before v10. I'll see if this limitation can be eliminated in v10.
This was done in v10.