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Full Version: [TOOLS] Win+X menu replaced by a QAP Shared Menu, part 3 of 3
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Part 1 of 3. Part 2 of 3. Part 3 of 3.
  • 3. User Variables
  • 4. Icons
  • 5. Shared Menu and shortcut
  • 6. Final Notes

The Win+X menu make extensive use of User Variables. All variables here are based on the installation folders from part 2 (where applicable).
Change the relevant variables if you installed to other folders then those used in part 2.

Open the QAP Customize window, go to Options - User Variables and paste in the variables below (one pr. line), and Save.
Location of the SysInternals Suite under WSCC.
{sysinternals}=C:\WSCC64\SysInternals Suite\
Location of the 32-bit tools in the NirSoft Utilities under WSCC.
{nirsoft}=C:\WSCC64\NirSoft Utilities\
Location of the 64-bit tools in the NirSoft Utilities under WSCC.
{nirsoft64}=C:\WSCC64\NirSoft Utilities\x64\
Location of the MiTeC Utilities under WSCC.
{mitec}=C:\WSCC64\MiTeC Utilities\
Location where PAF installs the portable applications.
Extensive command line used by FullEventLogView by NirSoft in the "Logs & Information" submenu.
{FELVstatic}=/ShowCritical 1 /ShowError 1 /ShowWarning 1 /ShowUndefined 0 /ShowInformation 0 /ShowVerbose 0 /AutoRefresh 60 /RunAsAdmin
Location of the EXE-file for the Directory Opus file manager (DOpus).
{dopusexe}=C:\Program Files\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\dopus.exe
(If you don't use DOpus, ignore this and, and delete the DOpus items in the "Shell Jump" submenu.)

CMD, PowerShell and system
{cmdopt}=/Q /T:1E /K
{cmdjump}=/Q /C start ""
{pwshoptRun}=-NoExit -Command
{pwshoptSSH}=\"C:\Program Files\PowerShell\7\pwsh.exe\" -NoExit -File

Some of the items in the menus use custom icons. I'm unsure if those I use are in the public domain, they are not included.

Copy the attached file "WinXMenuINI.txt" to a folder of your choice, it doesn't matter where, if you have a standard folder for shared menus, use that one.
Rename it to "WinXMenu.ini".
Add it to QAP as a "Shared Menu" favorite type.
The file is marked as type "Personal", change it if necessary.

Assign the Win+X shortcut to the menu.

Save and close.

PowerShell scripts - In the "Logs & Information" submenu there is a menu, "PS-WMI".
The scripts are not included here, but the User Variables and the menu items are included if someone wants to reuse them.
If not, the "PS-WMI" menu can be deleted, and the "pwsh" User Variables can be ignored.
The two "PowerShell Core" items under "CMD & PowerShell" can also be deleted if you don't use PowerShell Core (pwsh.exe).

Win+X default menu - If a window runs in admin context when you trigger the shortcut, the default Win+X menu will pop up.
If you assign the CTRL-WIN+X shortcut, the menu works regardless of the background window (if that shortcut is available on your system).

Some screenshots - I have attached some example screenshots of my menu.
So you can decide for yourself if the final result is worth the hassle.....

That should be it, and thank you for reading this far! Big Grin

This is great stuff. Quite a gift for all system admins! This is not the type of tools I use on a daily basis, but I so curious I'll follow your procedure.

Thanks you Joe!
Cool Jean, happy that you approve!

As both you and some of the "old guard" knows, I use QAP quite a lot, why not share what I do?
If someone can use it, fine, if not, I've spent a small amount of time describing what I use QAP for anyways (and drinking a couple of beers in the process Big Grin ).

Cheers :-)

I'm thinking of developing a package/promotion of QAP under a label like "QAP: Bringing more power to power users!". Your material can certainly contribute to this.
Feel free (as I've said before) to use anything I post if you can use it, and find it suitable.

Knock yourself out! Big Grin


Btw, I don't know if I qualify as a QAP "power user" as such, I know nothing about Live Folders and all that other stuff. Don't use it. I have a somewhat narrow approach regarding what I want QAP to do.

BUT, what I do know is how to use QAP as a "distributed" menu system across Windows 10, Win Srv 2016 and 2019 (including Server Core).

That other stuff is probably food for horst, LaurentG, scott and others in the old guard!

Small error in: "Network Tools & Settings -->PingInfoView"
Delete the line in "Advanced Settings -->Parameters"

Or, replace it with "/IPHostDescFormat 1" (without the quotes) if you want to use the IP-Host Description format (like I do).
More on that here:
Ping to different computer groups with PingInfoView tool.

Thanks, it was useful