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Full Version: [TOOLS] Some QAP "Companion Tools" by SoftwareOK and others
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This post is about some tools I, for different reasons, use as "companions" to QAP.
It may be extended with more tools in the future.

I use QAP across several machines (latest count is 16), with an unknown number of favorites, and around 50 user vars, and the layout/config is kept very similar on all of them.
Shortcuts/hotkeys are the same/does the same, the menu layout is the same (Shared Menus), the User Variables are the same (adjusted for differences on each machine) and so on.
But, sometimes I need to have some function or software on speed dial for a short or short-ish period.
Don't wanna mess up my QAP-structure, so, enter: QuickTextPaste (& Run Commands) by SoftwareOK.

QuickTextPaste by SoftwareOK

QTP is a kind of clipboard manager on steroids.
It can group entries together, so one shortcut displays a simple menu.
It has some nice features, like the ability to paste plaintext (stripping away formatting) from the clipboard, it supports a couple of "slots" on the clipboard and it can run programs.
I use a couple of shortcuts for this, LeftWindow+1 and LeftWindow+X, in those menus I put all the stuff I don't want to have in QAP.
(Note! LeftWindow+X overrides the default Win+X menu in Windows.)
QTP is very clipboard centric.
QTP also runs on Server Core.

Imho, QTP is not a competitor to QAP, it has less features and a different approach.

Other tools:
Run-Command by SoftwareOK

Run-Command is an extended version of the standard Run-dialog in Windows.
It has a simple favorites menu and some other bells and whistles.
You can of course use the favorites menu to launch QAPmessenger! Smile
Run-Command also runs on Server Core, and I find it especially useful there.

HotKeysList by NirSoft

HotKeysList lists all hotkeys/shortcuts active on your system.
It won't show what program or function a hotkey is assigned to, but I find it useful when troubleshooting conflicts.
HKL also runs on Server Core.

I have no affiliation with SoftwareOK or NirSoft.
All use of these tools are at your own risk, if your PC explodes, don't complain to me! Big Grin

Kind Regards,
Thanks Joe for making us benefit again from your vast software library!

I don't know QuickTextPaste but use Ditto ( that seems to have similar features.