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Full Version: About the Quick Access Popup Free Edition
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With version v11.2, it is no longer necessary to have a free license to run QAP. However, when executed without a valid license, the software will run with certain limitations. Exceeding items in the menu will be disabled. These limitations are:

- the total number of items in the menu cannot exceed 75 items;
- the total number of items inside Live Folder menus is limited to 50 items;
- only one Shared Menu can be included in the menu.

Users with a valid license (paid or free) will not see these limitations. Current users with a free license will see these limitations when their license expires after its three-month term. Users running an expired or invalid license, or trying to add an installation when there is no installation left for their license will also see the limitations until the get a valid license or installation.

Why is QAP now sold?

Jean Lalonde, the developer of Quick Access Popup and its predecessor Folders Popup, gave his work to the community for the last seven years. He has always been happy to share the result of his work. But as the expenses required to distribute QAP safely (code certificate, SSL website, etc.) are growing and as a larger part of his working time is now devoted to maintaining and improving QAP, he decided it was time to sell it. To make the transition easier, users were allowed to get a free license for a three month period but, at the expiration of this license, users who find QAP valuable enough will have to buy a license.

How can I know when my current free license will expire?

With QAP v11.2, the expiration date is shown in the Help, About dialog box. If you don't have this version, you can login to your account on the QAP Shop website. Enter your email address and password in the Manage your license box on the right side of the window and look for the View Licenses link. If you did not change it, the password can be found in the email Login details to manage your Quick Access Popup license sent when you got your free license. If you lost this email, you can set a new password by clicking the Lost Password? link. More help here.

Do I need to login to the QAP Shop website to buy a license?

You don't need to login to the QAP Shop website to buy a lifetime license.  You will need to login only if you want to buy a subscription license. You can find your login details in the email Login details to manage your Quick Access Popup license sent when you got your free license. See how to do it in this video or find more help here.

You can find three new videos on the QAP YouTube channel:
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Thank you once again for your ongoing support!