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Full Version: New release v11.2 - Clean-up broken favorites, Drag & Drop, new Free Edition
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What's new in v11.2 - Summary

Two new Special Searches allowing to:
- find "files not found" for Folders, Documents or Applications favorites in your menu;
- find "broken links" (error 404) for Links favorites in your menu.

Drag and Drop to move favorites in your menus.

A new Free Edition not requiring a license but with some limitations. More details here.

Version: 11.2 (2021-01-31)

Special Searches
- add the submenu "Special Searches" under the "Tools" menu and move the "Search All Favorites" under this menu
- add the "Search Folders, Documents or Applications not found" menu item under "Special Searches"
- add the "Search Broken Favorites Links (404)" menu item under "Special Searches"; display progress info while searching for broken links

Drag and Drop
- in the "Customize" window, items can now be moved up or down in a menu using Drag & Drop (thanks to LV_Rows class from Rodolfo U. Batista aka Pulover)
- to move a favorite above or below the visible list, drag the mouse over or above the list to scroll its content

Free Edition
- when executed without a license (or with an expired or invalid license), QAP runs with the following limitations:
  - the total number of items in the menu cannot exceed 75 items;
  - the total number of items inside Live Folder menus is limited to 50 items;
  - only one Shared Menu can be included in the menu.
- at its first launch, QAP shows information about limitations (user with a license can select "Help, Manage your license" to save their license)
- items exceeding the limits will be disabled
- the dialog box about limitations is also shown when at least one limit is exceeded
- when running in Free mode, the tag "Free" is added to the version number in QAP window title

- Saving favorites: optimize saving time by showing a "wait" cursor instead of showing the submenu currently processed
- Placeholders: improve retrieving the selected file or folder for the {SEL...} placeholders
- Licensing: improve dialog box message when installing a new license and deleting previous license info; for subscription licenses, show license expiration date in "About" dialog box
- Check for update: in the dialog box show only the download button for the current installation (Easy Setup or Portable ZIP)
- Changing folder in a dialog box: improve changing folder in applications having more that one text field in the "Open" or "Save As" dialog boxes (technical note: when identifying the Edit control used to change folder, use the control having the focus if it is an Edit control, else use the control "Edit1" as before; this fixes an issue in UltraEdit and other app's file dialog boxes)
- "About" dialog box: redesign the "About Quick Access Popup" dialog box and add credits for contributors

Bug fixes

"Customize" window:
- fix bug when showing hand cursor when the mouse hovers some of the window buttons
- fix a bug retrieving the web page title when adding a Link favorite using the command "Add Active Folder or Web Page Express"
- fix bug when moving favorites up or down in the list to also move the dates and stats columns content if the "Display dates and stats columns" option is enabled
- fix bug when saving the options after the maximum number of Live folder items was exceeded
- fix bug when selecting the "Customize" menu item from the QAP tray menu while the QAP main window is open with a search result

Launching favorites
- send hotstring ending character when executing a snippet in macro mode
- fix a bug retrieving the current location for {CUR...} placeholders when the current location is the Desktop

- fix bug causing error message at startup when Special folders locations was changed

Language update
- German, French, Korean, Portuguese, Brazilian-Portuguese, Spanish, Italian and Deutsh language files language update for v11.2
- Spanish and Chinese language update for v11
- remove obsolete translations in Russian and Chinese language files

You can download the new release here:

Please report bugs or send questions/comments in the QAP Support section.