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Full Version: New release v9.5 pre-v10 release
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Things are quiet here... but I'm working hard on v10 to be release later this year. QAP v10 will include major changes in the QAP engine and will include significant improvements to the Settings and Options windows. In the next months, with the help of beta testers, we will test these changes as thoroughly as possible.

Users who install QAP with the "Easy Setup" installation program: if whenever, after having upgraded to v10 (or future release), you encounter an issue preventing you to use QAP normally, this release v9.5 will make it easier to revert to the previous stable version.

Users of the portable version: you will not need this version to revert to a previous version of QAP after having run QAP v10. However, there are a some small changes in this release that could be good for you anyway.

Version: 9.5 (2019-06-11)

Pre v10 release
- in anticipation of the launch of Quick Access Popup v10 (expected later this year), changes in release v9.5 will make things smoother if user installing QAP with the "Setup executable file" needs to revert to a v9 release after having run v10 release (this will not be required for users installing QAP with the "portable zip file")
- FYI, only the startup process needed changes in regard with v10 new startup process
- Note: v10 settings file will be backward compatible with v9 settings files

Minor changes
- feature set in this release v9.5 is the same as in previous version v9.4.1.5 except the following change
- add in "Options", "Menu" tab, new chekbox "Retrieve icon when refreshing Frequent folders and Frequent files menus (avoid if you often have offline files)" to bypass icon retrieval when refreshing Frequent items menu; enable this option if you never have offline network files in your Recent Items Windows folder
- fix bug, update the short name for menu when browsing the list of running application in "Add Favorite" for "Application" type
- fix bug for Directory Opus users, check if DOpus lister exists before opening a folder in order to protect the last used folders

You can download the new release on Quick Access Popup home page:

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