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Full Version: Tool to validate URLs and other locations in the menu
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Suggestion received by Facebook Messenger:

Allow QAP users to hit a button and have it go through all URLs and check they are valid / working. (I'd check both URLs and snippets that have URLS in them).  I wouldn't necessarily incorporate the results in QAP, I'd just have it dump it to a tab delimited file with each URL checked showing the menu hierarchy where it is and the status returned from the http request). I suppose you could also do some sort of check for files / folders
+1 from zvi_t.
+1 from me
I came here to see if there was any progress. My original post was about all the links in QAP, mainly folders and files. I don't use it much for literal Internet URLs but I see you added files and folders as a "maybe" at the end. I hope you put a focus on that. I just reorganized my drives and folder structure and many of my QAP folder/file links are broken and I don't have the strength to check them all one by one. So I just fix them as a need one and get a warning, which is frustrating because it always happens when I'm busy and don't want to have to fix things (murphy's law Smile )
Hi Zvi,

> My original post was about all the links in QAP, mainly folders and files.

Yes, there will be a new submenu "Special Searches" under the "Tools" menu with options to search for broken file locations and another one for broken Internet links. See this preview of the menu:

[Image: UP9i6Vh.png]
If you are willing to run a beta release, the new "Special Searches" are included in the v11.

If this is your first time using a beta release, please read: