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Full Version: New beta release v11.0.7.9.n - Filtering Recent/Frequent menus, add multiple from ini
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Welcome to this new beta phase.

Version BETA: (2020-11-20)

Exclusions in Recent/Frequent menus
- add new section "Options, Menu Exclusions" with zones for folders and files exclusions in Recent/Frequent menus
- move "Current Windows Exclusions" option from "Various Advanced Options" to "Menu Exclusions"
- filter out items in "Recent Folders" and "Frequent Folders" if their path is under one of the "Folder Exclusions" of the "Menu Exclusions" options
- filter out items in "Recent Files" and "Frequent Files" if their path is under one of the "Folder Exclusions" or if their extensions is one of the "Files Exclusion" of the "Menu Exclusions" options
- support wildcards * and ? when filtering files and folder in "Frequent" and "Recent" menus
- see:

Add Multiple favorites / Import Favorites
- add a new source in "Favorite, Add Multiple Favorites" named "QAP Settings File (tree view)" allowing ot import favorites by selecting the menus or submenus to import
- rename existing source from "QAP Settings File (items)" to "QAP Settings File (flat view)" to distinguish it from the new source
- this new feature replaces the "Import Favorites" offering stronger validation against duplicate favorite names
- in "File, Import/Export Settings", disable "Favorites" checkbox and add a button "Import Favorites" opening the "Add Multiple Favorites" dialog box with the source "QAP Settings File (tree view)"
- uncheck all items when changing source file

Various improvements
- do not open dialog boxes inside the "Customize" window while favorites are being saved, to prevent save errors in some situations
- display extended error codes in case of SQLite database error

Download link:
(this beta test is now closed - thanks for your help)
The 'Filter Recent Files' seems to be working perfectly -- Thanks for adding this feature Jean!
I would be ready to release these 2 new features in v11.1:

- Exclusions in Recent/Frequent menus
- Add Multiple favorites / Import Favorites

Any comments or remarks before I proceed?
This beta test is now closed. Thanks for your help.