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Full Version: [TOOLS] ES (CLI addon to Everything) by voidtools
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NOTE! ES requires that Everything is running (in the background)
If Everything is not running you get the following error:
"Error 8: Everything IPC window not found. Please make sure Everything is running."

On a PC with more than one user, all users can search all files regardless of user access rights if Everything is installed and running.
Maybe not a big concern, but something to be aware of.

ES is a tiny CLI addon (Command Line Interface) for Everything. It is only around 100 kb.
ES talks directly with the Everything "engine", it can be run in CMD or PowerShell and supports a very large set of command line options.

To set some colors, run the following in CMD:
es.exe -size -dm -sizecolor 0x0e -dmcolor 0x0d -save-settings
Settings are stored in an ini-file. For color codes, see the link above.

Favourite, some examples:
(Using PowerShell, replace with CMD if necessary)
{pwshopt}=-NoExit -Command
Type: Application

Basic Settings, Application: pwsh
Search for something and higlight the result.
Adv. Settings, Parameters: {pwshopt} "{tools}es.exe {Input:Enter file name or pattern} -highlight"
(f.ex try: notep, notep*, notepad, notepad.exe)

List the n largest files, and write the result to a CSV-file.
Adv. Settings, Parameters: -Command "{tools}es.exe -sort-size -n {Input:Enter number of files} -export-csv {tools}{Input:Enter CSV file name}.csv"
(ES does not show any output when writing to a file, so the option to keep the PS window open, -NoExit, is removed.)

This is just two very simple examples.

Trigger the favourite, enter required input, hit Enter, done!