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Full Version: [TOOLS-WIN] TaskKill (terminate any process)
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I use the [TOOLS-WIN] tag on posts about internal tools in Windows.
This includes tools that have to be downloaded and installed, like Windows Terminal or PowerShell 7.

This favourite forcefully terminates any process, and sub-processes without warning.
If you use the elevation option in QAP you can pretty much terminate any process running in the OS.
Any unsaved files or work wil be gone.
Some applications, like browsers, starts several instances with the same name, f.ex chrome.exe.
They will all be terminated with this command.

To quickly terminate any process without starting the Task Manager, clicking on the right tab, finding the process and so on.

UserVar: {cmdopt}=/Q /T:1E /K
Type: Application

Basic Settings, Application: cmd
Adv. Settings, Parameters: {cmdopt} "TaskKill /F /IM {Input:Enter Process Name} /T"

Alternate variant, terminate a specific PID:
Adv. Settings, Parameters: {cmdopt} "TaskKill /F /PID {Input:Enter Process ID} /T"

Start from anywhere, enter the process name (f.ex. notepad.exe), hit Enter and let the mayhem ensue.