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Full Version: [TOOLS] Agent Ransack
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Agent Ransack

[Image: 97514282-b63ff180-1964-11eb-8266-9d2193ce3556.jpg]

Agent Ransack is a free file search tool that can search for files based on many different parameters. I often use it to search a folder and subfolders, invoking it with QAp from the subfolder. Here is how:

Application: C:\Program Files\Mythicsoft\Agent Ransack\AgentRansack.exe
Advanced Settings | Parameters: -d {CUR_LOC}

This will invoke Agent Ransack with the current folder pre-filled as a search location.

There are many other command-line options you can use to set this up to your taste.

This is especially helpful if you optimize your computer for speed by disabling Windows indexing. Agent Ransack is very fast and does not rely on resource-heavy indexing to do its thing, unlike Windows Search.
Thank you Rennie. This looks like an interesting tool.

For those looking for info on {CUR_LOC}, see: Can I insert values in favorites location, parameters or snippets using placeholders?

The QAP toolbox is growing!

I have a couple of other search tools on my "maybe write about"- list, and one of them is very different from Ransack.

Regarding placeholders.
To be honest I find the difference between CUR_LOC / CUR_NAME and SEL_LOC /SEL_NAME a little bit confusing.
After the posts/advise from scottkillen (in the Folder Changes thread) I've started using CUR_LOC for folder selection, and SEL_LOC for file selection.
It seems to be the most reliable variant, at least with DOpus.


Since you are on this thread, I will mention that, at least with DOpus, I have found that CUR_DIR resolves to the drive's root directory--and in the "expanded placeholders" box under Advanced Settings for an application shortcut, it seems to expect to resolve to a folder's parent folder. Neither of these seem to match the documentation on the "placeholders help page"

I'm planning on testing all of the placeholders in DOpus and File Explorer to nail sown the behavior and determine if the DOpus behavior is different than Explorer.


So I just ran some tests...placeholders works consistently between DOpus and Explorer.

I did find some unexpected behavior which I will post in another post.