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Full Version: [TOOLS] FullEventLogView by NirSoft
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NOTE! This tool requires elevation to admin privilege.
(With my config)

FullEventLogView is a simple tool for Windows 10/8/7/Vista that displays in a table the details of all events from the event logs of Windows, including the event description.

The Event Log viewer in Windows is actually a pretty good tool. But.... if you just want to do a quick check, f.ex. see all Critical, Error and Warning events the last hour...
Then it is way to much click this, select that and click OK. FELV is perfect for that, all events in a flat list view.

This tool is a somewhat interesting case. You can override every setting in the config file on the command line.
I was initially going to show all in the parameters field, but there is not enough room.
QAP won't let me enter the complete line. So, I have to "wrap" some of the settings in a UserVar (was going to do that anyway, but show the line, then wrap it).

These are settings that don't change, but I want to override them.
(Because I use Shared Menus across several machines, and I don't want the hassle that comes with keeping a config file in sync).

I also use the tools elevate switch, and not the setting in QAP. Personal choice, I prefer to let the tool itself request elevation.

{FELVstatic}=/ShowCritical 1 /ShowError 1 /ShowWarning 1 /ShowUndefined 0 /ShowInformation 0 /ShowVerbose 0 /AutoRefresh 10 /RunAsAdmin
Type: Application

Basic Settings, Application: {nirsoft64}FullEventLogView.exe
Adv. Settings, Parameters: /ChannelFilter 2 /ChannelFilterStr "Application,Security,System" /LastTimeFilterUnit {Input:TimeUnit 1-sec,2-min,3-hrs,4-days} /LastTimeFilterValue {Input:Enter Period} {FELVstatic}

Trigger the favourite, select time unit, select range (to look back in the Event Log), hit Enter, done!