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Purpose (description from the website)
Send SSL SMTP email silently from command line (CLI), or a batch file using Exchange, Gmail......

This is probably one of the more complex of my "easy to use" tools. Not because it is difficult to use, it just that it has a lot of possible variations for use.

One of the ways I use SwithMail: Quickly sending a file, typically a log file, CSV report or similar via email.
(I also use it for automatic sending of emails, but that does not involve QAP and is outside the scope of this post).

SwithMail can use a XML file for settings and default values. Some of these values can be overriden on the command line.
Creation and editing of the XML is done in a simple GUI.

UserVar: {swMail}=C:\MyTools\Apps\SwithMail\
Type: Application

Basic Settings, Application: {swMail}SwithMail.exe
Adv. Settings, Parameters: /s /x {swMail}QAPquickSend.xml /to {Input:Enter email address} /a "{SEL_LOC}"

Select a file in your file manager, trigger the favourite, fill inn the address (you are of course using a Snippet for that Smile ), hit Enter, done!