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Full Version: [TIP] Automating tasks on Windows Server Core with Quick Access Popup
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Maybe not a tip as such, perhaps more of an observation?
Granted, this is a very narrow use case and probably not that interesting for the majority of QAP users.
But, it is a good showcase of the portability of QAP. No extra DLLs or other files. QAP just uses basic functions in Windows.

What is Windows Server Core?
"Core" is an installation of Windows Server without the GUI, no desktop, no start menu, just the command line and PowerShell.
The idea behind Core is to reduce the footprint of the OS, reduce possible attack vectors, and to avoid installing features that is rarely, if ever, used on a server system.
It does however support the installation and use of some (simple) GUI applications.

Why use QAP on Windows Server Core?
In some situations I would have liked to have a simple menu system available to trigger (with a Group like function) some tasks or start some tools, so I decided to try QAP.

Using QAP
When you start QAP not much happens. There is no icon (because there is no taskbar or systray), the only way to activate QAP is with a hotkey.
Or, a script starting QAPmessenger with the ShowMenuLaunch option.

But, QAP now I can create some menus and groups to get some boring stuff done faster and easier.

This was tested on Windows Server 2016 Standard Edition (Core) and Windows Server 2019 Standard Edition (Core).
And, with QAP version 11.0.5 x64 Portable.

Another little piece cut from that big block called "repetitive tasks".


I run QAP on servers in a lab. I would never recommend running non-essential tools in a production environment.
That decision and risk is yours alone to make and take.
Interesting. I'm not a sysadmin and did not know about this Windows Server Core. Good to know that QAP can be useful there :-)

I'll move it to the "Tips and tricks" section rename this thread to something that can be more descriptive to users in search engines.

Thanks Joe.
Waaaaay better description than mine!!! Big Grin Big Grin