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Full Version: New release v11.0.5 - improve and solve issues with the new licensing system
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For users new to v11, please read this first: New release v11.0 - new licensing system and add multiple favorites.

I'm sorry for the almost daily updates I had to do since the first v11 release. But I think it's better to fix things early in the v11 life. Thanks to user's helpful feedback, QAP licence management is getting more reliable with this release. Also, dialog boxes messages and help documentation has been clarified.

If, when launching this new release, you get a "NO INSTALLATIONS LEFT" message, please read this post:
For users who saved their license code with QAP between v11.0 and v11.0.3

Version: 11.0.5 (2020-10-23)

- fix bug getting the unique system id used to count the installations for a license (may require to remove obsolete installation codes on the website)
- remove irrelevant options and info from the "Manage your license" dialog box and add a link to the License help page
- add a link to the License help in the "Help, About" dialog box
- clarify language in "Save your license" and make the "Continue" button the default button (allowing to save the license by pressing Enter)
- Italian language file update

Version: 11.0.2 to 11.0.4

- fix bug causing a loop when validating license on some systems (most probably only some Windows 7 versions or on virtual machines)
- internal adjustments to license code management and installation count (requires re-saving licenses)
- encode license code in quickaccesspopup.ini file to prevent copy of the code by end-users without the consent of the license buyer
- fix bug in deactivate license installation on the website
- remove old forgotten "support this software" dialog box in portable version
- update license text file in Portable ZIP file
- Dutch language update

If you already own your QAP license, you can download the latest release here. If you don't, get your QAP license and download links here.

As usual, you can report bugs or questions in the QAP Support section.