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Full Version: Hide this favorite checkbox
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I would like that hidden favorites can still be activated by hotkey or other means.
For this reason I suggest a new status "Disabled" for Favorites entries.
  • Hidden means just not shown in the pop-up menu
  • Disabled means not shown and not functioning.
If implemented on the very first run all Hidden favorites should be set once to Disabled
to not confuse current users of the old Hidden logic.
This makes sense. I remember we had a discussion in the past on using "Hide" or "Disable" when I implemented the current behavior. And we choose "Disable" because it is the most accurate for current state.

The way I will implement this, there will be 2 checkboxes at the bottom of "Basic Settings" tab: the current "Disable this favorite" (not changed, keeping current value) and "Hide this favorite from menu" (to be developed, default false). Clicking the 1st checkbox would automatically check the 2nd. I prefer this to using radio buttons because we would need a 3rd button for "Enabled".

I'll move this thread to the "Wished items". Thanks.
Hi Horst,

I'd like to discuss this item a little more before going further. Let's say we have this favorites structure:

Main menu
-- Folder A
-- Submenu A
-- -- Favorite A1
-- -- Submenu AA
-- -- -- Favorite AA1

And let's say I implement the change as described in my previous message: checkbox "Disable" to hide and disable an item (or submenu) and a new checkbox "Hide" to only hide an item but keep its shortcut active.

(note: what is said for shortcuts above also applies to hotstrings)

1) If Folder A is disabled, we do not see in the menu it and its shortcut is inactive (as in current version).
2) If Folder A is hidden, we do not see it in the menu but its shortcut is active.

3) If Submenu A is disabled, we do not see it in the menu, its shortcut is inactive and the content of the submenu is ignored (as in current version).
4) If Submenu A is hidden, we do not see it but its shortcut is active, QAP also scans Submenu A (even if it not shown) to enable shortcut of Favorite A1, QAP also scans Submenu AA to enable Favorite AA1, etc.

So in 4) every shortcuts in favorites under an hidden submenu (including in its sub-submenus) should still be enabled. I think this is the way to go. But, given the current structure of the code building the menu, this will require more effort than I anticipated.

I want to make sure we have the same understanding on the desired functionalities. Let me know if you have questions or need clarification.
Hello Jean,
I fully agree with your assumptions and the way to go.