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Full Version: New release v10.5.2 - bug fixes release
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This release fixes various bugs and brings various minor improvements.

Version: 10.5.2 (2020-06-27)
- when adding a favorite, retrieve custom folder icon in hidden file desktop.ini if it exists
- for portable installation, check icons file JLicons.dll version and display error message if the file is outdated
- fix bug when adding an item from a QAP feature in submenu
- fix bug checking for duplicates when loading favorites
- fix bug when using the command "Restore Customize window position"
- fix bug when items in Total Commander Hotlist menu contain ampersand (&)
- when building TC Hotlist menu, disregard end of menu indicator ("--") in main menu (as TC tolerates this syntax error)
- fix internal bug when restoring favorites after user cancelled changes in the "Customize" window

You can download the new release on Quick Access Popup home page:

Please report bugs or send questions/comments in the QAP Support section.