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Full Version: Formatted Time placeholders
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Snippets are a nice feature of QAP. It would be great if a formatted time could be included. For example in AHK one can have:

FormatTime, timeStr,, yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm
SendInput %timeStr%
Hi Jims,

Suggestion noted (I will move this thread to the wished items section.

Until I work on this, if you know how to code your own AHK macros, you could do something like what was described on the old support group:!topic/...pJY1ecRWq0

See also this note at the bottom of the fAQ page

Quote:Can I insert command from the AHK programming language in a snippet of type macro? A QAP macro snippet favorite can send pieces of text and basic commands to your keyboard using the SendInput AHK command. However, it is not the place for full-fledge AHK macro language. Variables, conditional expressions (if), loops, etc. are not supported in macro snippet. But you can easily write a macro using a text editor, save it in a file with .ahk extension and launch your AHK macro from QAP. Create a QAP favorite of type Application and enter the location of your script (for example c:\AHKscripts\myscript.ahk) in the Application (path and file name).

I'm on a locked down computer at work and cannot install AHK. I use QAP portable, but have not found a portable version of AHK that is free of maleware. If someone knows of one, please direct me.

Back to the feature I requested...

I could work on my home PC, create the AHK snippet, compile it on that PC, then transfer the EXE to my locked down computer. I'm not sure if the corporate scanning tools will flag the EXE as potential maleware, however.
I would think that the portable version of AHK downloaded directly from has no malware. Or this could be a false positive from the security software. QAP was sometimes considered as a malware, especially before I buy certificates for the QAP executable files and the website.

Compiling your script to EXE could work. But, again, unless the scanning tool falsely consider it as a malware.
When I attempted to download the AHK zip file, FortiClient (the software my company uses for malware detection) flagged 'W32/Generic.AC.438540!tr' as a virus. I wonder if that is a component of Window Spy.

So far, I've not had a problem with the portable version of QAP!
Malware false positives are the AHK curse :-(

Check the zip file URL on Some time there are 1-3 false positives out of the 66 scanners but tt this time all of them report the AHK file as clean.
Thanks for the suggestions, Jean. Using that site, the zip file reported virus free, but FortiClient flags 'Unicode 64-bit.bin' (in the Compiler folder) as infected with a virus (W32/Generic.AC.438540!tr). I don't understand why compiled AHK scripts (like QAP) are not similarly flagged.

Anyway, I excluded the 'Compiler' folder and am running AHK now. After doing a full scan, nothing was detected. We'll see how long that lasts -- virus updates often cause new problems!
(2019-03-15 15:23)jims Wrote: [ -> ]I don't understand why compiled AHK scripts (like QAP) are not similarly flagged.

They are often flagged. QAP often got false positives before I bought an EXE certificate to digitally sign my executables files... and it can still get some.
I changed the title from "Formatted Time in Snippets" to "Formatted Time placeholders", a better description of the solution I'm looking to. As a placeholder, the date could be inserted in snippets (as requested) but also in favorite location (or other properties) to access files that would be generated or renamed automatically with the current date or time in their name.

The new placeholder would use the AHK date-time format, for example:

{DateTime:yyyy-MM-dd} -> 2019-10-16
{DateTime:dddd hh:mm} -> Wednesday 14:06
{DateTime:MMMM d, yyyy h:mm tt  } -> October 16, 2019 2:06 PM
Done in v10.2.

I used the shorter keyword {Now:...}.