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Full Version: Whitelist vs Blacklist for QAP menu mouse trigger
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I've used a lot of Popup-implementations before. This is the most advanced.

It is possible to show the popup just in explorer-windows? (So whitelisting explorer, Freecommander and 2 or 3 other windows)
At the moment the popup is shown in games, in Word, well every window. I have to blacklist almost every window.
So is it possible to change the behaviour to be not shown at all INSTEAD of the whitelisted windows?

Nevertheless, thank you for the great tool. I'm using a lot of AHK-scripts and really like it if somebody is using it ;-)

Hi Jana,

There is no option for this now. What you could do is change the default menu hotkey (Middle mouse button) to another hotkey that would no interfere with your other apps.

Hi Jean,

well the middle mouse button is just the perfect button for using that application.

It's long ago that I wrote ahk-scripts and I haven't studied all of your code, so the solution may be wrong.

Please have a look at the attached code.

I've added a checkbox in the settings to toggle the black/whitelist and added the translation to the english and german file only.

So I can add "explorer" and the popup just starts on an explorer window or command line and not on all the other windows.

I'll keep the changes for me. Perhaps you can use them for a new release.

Thank you very much for your time and the great tools.

Edit: I've found a bug in line 9064 in my code. It should be
Gui, 3:Add, Checkbox, % vg_OptionToggleBlacklist . (g_OptionToggleBlacklist <> 0 ? "checked" : ""), %lOptionsToggleExclusionlist%
or something like that to initialize the checkbox with the correct value
Thanks Jana for this code. I'm in a middle of a big rewrite exercice right now but I'm adding this suggestion to my wishlist for a future release.

I will move this thread to the wished items section.


Note for myself: E:\Dropbox\AutoHotkey\QuickAccessPopup\Divers\Jana-Whitelist vs Blacklist)
Thank you very much, I'm loving the new version
Thx Jana